110 sw 24 ave, norman, OK, 73069 

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Reviewed by: ginorman on: 2018/6/19 10:59:03
This used to be my favorite chinese restaurant, but the portions keep getting smaller and smaller, and I would not recommend it and will no longer order from it.
Reviewed by: ratandrea on: 2017-05-07
Great food, large quantities, and good service.
Reviewed by: meg_meow_meow on: 2016-08-10
Nice, nice lady takes the orders and is at the cash register a lot. The food is tasty and they always get the order right. I really wish they would put some pieces in the aquarium for the beautiful fish to hide behind and at least have a little scenery to live with. That makes me sad every time I go in. A castle or sea shell or rock or anything!
Reviewed by: LoveLifeChaos on: 2016-01-11
The menu listed online is old and inaccurate. This is not an official Happy Garden website. For additional information stop by our location on 24th and Main st. Across from Hastings in Norman. Thank you.
Reviewed by: dpaconyx on: 2015-10-21
If you changed the Menu and prices, you should update the information not only on Facebook but your website. Thank you!